Leap and the Net will Appear

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When was the last time you just said f@ck  it and just went for something without knowing how it would work out?! We all have a story of when we just blindly jumped into the abyss of the unknown hoping that all would be what we hoped. I have a few of those instances but the one that stands out most is when I moved to NYC! Long story short, when I moved to NY, I was a teenager and I had no family in NY let alone the East Coast. I knew only a handful of people who I had met just a few times while visiting a few months before. I had saved money but had no job and no place to stay. Little do even my closest friends know that upon my arrival, I went to Harlem for the first time ever and stayed in a hostel for the first few nights while I coordinated my stay with a girl that I met at a casting! There is even more color to that story that I hope to share some day. But what is important, is that almost 7 years later I am still in NY and loving it!! I see that although most people back then said it was the craziest thing I could have done… now everyone will agree it was the best thing I ever did!

Leap, and the net will appear.-John Burroughs

I JUMPED and the net appeared. After many years of many amazing ups and some painful downs, I can still say that I believe that the net that catches you after a big jump is the most rewarding kind! What is your heart telling you is for you? Where do you want to live? What passion do you want to pursue? You don’t need to know how, what or who. You just have to take the leap… not the little dip your toe in the pool, but a leap into full immersion. Often the answers and solutions only come when you take the leap. You have to be in it to win. You cannot experience the magic of the world if you don’t depend on it to show itself to you. TAKE THE LEAP.

I had my #GetTHANKFUL group share their stories of taking the leap and everyone had a powerful testimony that inspired and uplifted the group. Wont you share one of your stories with us in the comments below?

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