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Nature has always been my refuge! Growing up in Colorado for most of my childhood, nature became the place where I felt most safe, free, connected and at home. Even when I went to college in East Texas for a bit, the tall pine forests were my favorite escape! Now that I am a NY’er, nature is probably the one thing that I miss most in life. Funny enough, it has pushed me to seek a more natural and holistic health and body regime! Although I have promised myself to make it a priority to get into nature often, its also a priority to make my home and body a place that is connected to mother earth as well! As I transition into a more natural lifestyle I will be exploring this concept more, but for now, I would love to share some of the products that I LOVE that also show LOVE to MOTHER EARTH! That means NO ANIMAL TESTING, NO PARABENS, NO NASTY CHEMICALS and companies that give back and return the love to the people and the planet!! 


This is the ultimate body oil! I feel so sexy yet at ease whenever I put this on! This a beautiful oil that is perfect for massages as well as well as daily use after the shower! Pangea has two body oils and in my opinion is oil is the best on the market!

I love Pangea Organics sooooo much that my company SERENE Social is now selling it! I love the fact that everything is natural (mostly organic) and all around good to humans, animals and mother earth! But what’s even better, is the fact that it everything smells AMMMMAZING and does wonders for you hair, skin and nails! To start this list off I chose a few of my fave Pangea Products that I personally use and love! Click the photo and you can buy it from the SERENE Pangea store on the spot!

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