11 Ways to Feel Good… or at Least Better Right Now

If you are anything like me, sometimes out of no where you realize you feel down/out of control/pissed and don’t know why or even how to feel better for that matter. If things aren’t going well, you may know exactly what is upsetting you, but feel that you have no way of feeling better in the midst of it. One of my favorite teachers Abraham-Hicks says, “Get into the vortex, and then…” The way to the answer or the solution for that matter is feel better first; then the answers, solutions, resources and help will come. When feeling down, achy, mad or even depressed, your thoughts, actions and vibration are never going to bring you what you want. So, it’s important that you do some work to feel better before ANYTHING else. It really is about raising your vibration so that you can start to move yourself in the direction of what you want. So whether you are feeling good, or just plain want to feel better- here are some of my favorite remedies that I know will do just the trick for you!

1. Dance. Yes. Stop right where you are. And just start dancing. Even if you don’t feel like it, just dance for the entirety of a whole song anyways. Even if it feels “fake”. Just move your body to a beat and pretend that you actually want to. It helps to play some great music to get you really into it, but honestly you can dance to your own beat too. I am really into “You and Me” by Disclousure right now… play it and break out your best, or worst, dance moves… right now!

2. Say “thank you” a bunch of times. Words have power. “Thank you”, “I am grateful for”, “I appreciate”, are some of the most powerful. But when you repeat these words even to yourself, focusing on what/who you are grateful for, energy builds and the things you want start to show themselves in the most beautiful and fun ways!

3. Go out of your way to be radically kind to the next stranger you interact with. This ALWAYS does the trick. When you go out of your way to go above and beyond for a complete stranger, you will not only feel incredibly bold, strong, and proud, but you are also sure to get some serious appreciative love shot right back at you!

4. Smile. And hold it there! Keep a smile on your face for at least 17 seconds. This is the amount of time that Abraham-Hicks says it takes to start manifesting. Manifesting usually comes in the form of higher thoughts and feelings. Just 17 seconds of holding a smile can really move you in that direction whether you feel it or not!

Trust me, a big smile will take you places!<<<Click here to see

5. Get out of your head and do something creative with your hands. There are a million things that we all like to do and be creative with but in case you can’t think of anything try: making sock puppets, DYI dip-dye, bake a yummy cake or paint something beautiful or realllly “ugly” for that matter.

6. Fake it till you become it… and take a power pose! I’ll let the amazing Amy Cuddy explain:

7. Write a gratitude list of 10 things you are grateful for and why. Whether it’s on your phone, a napkin or a notebook, as soon as you can, start your list of ten things you are grateful for and why. Go somewhere you can have some privacy so that you can do the list, 1-10, with no interruptions. Remember, the key here is to build energy. That comes from a consistent focus of your attention to that which you want and appreciate. Since I’m sure you are wondering if there is any right way to do this, and I myself could afford to focus on what I am grateful for, I’m going to give you a real time gratitude list:

I am so thankful for my dog Aria, because she adds so much fun and love to my life.

I am thankful for my teacher Dr. Clara because she changes my life every time I come to her for a session.

I am thankful for my computer because it makes everything available to me, I remember when I didnt have it for a few weeks and how hard it was to get things done.

Yep, I really do feel better.

8. Call someone you care deeply for and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Yes, you could call them and tell them why things aren’t working, but why not call them and focus how much you love and appreciate them. This won’t just make you feel better instantly, but it will make their day better and bring you both closer.

9. Eat something that you really love and REALLLLLLLY indulge in it! Sometimes when we feel like crap all we want to eat is crap…ironic huh? It’s true that it would be better if you pushed yourself to reach for something healthy that you enjoy, but if you can’t help it, then at least take the time to sit down and enjoy EVERY last bite like it was the first time you have eaten in days! This won’t just stimulate your senses; it will also energize your physical body and vibration, bringing some higher thoughts and a softer disposition.

10. Look in the mirror and tell yourself everything will be ok. Really have a talk with yourself. No matter what… this too shall pass. Sometimes you just gotta have a conversation with yourself so that you don’t forget it. Scientists and spiritual leaders alike say that we believe our inner dialogue more than anyone else. So if you aren’t feeling so great, go have a talk with yourself!

11. Start laughing! That’s right, just bust out in a roaring laughter! Again, sometimes when we feel down we “dont feel like it” but the truth is we all know that laughter is a sign of joy and happiness… so fake it till you make it/become it!

You can try just one of these and I can pretty much promise that if you commit your focus and attention to it for even five minutes, you will feel better. Keep it up even longer than five minutes, or add some other tricks to the mix, and you can be sure that not only will you feel better and have some good ideas pop up, but all sorts of lovely synchronicities will follow as well. Before you know it, you will ask yourself why you were mad/sad/hurt/bored/stressed in the first place!

If your not up to try this for yourself then do me a favor and try one of my tips as an experiment for me and then be sure to let me know how it worked with a comment below!

I’m so glad you will feel better now.

Lots of Love-


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