40 Days + 40 Nights: the Story of the Journey


By SERENE • November 21, 2014 •

Ahh, epiphanies. Where would any of us be without life’s perfect little aha moments? Earlier today over tea at a cafe on the Lower East Side, surrounded by women who were all so perfectly SERENE, we were chatting about how blessed and “on track” we both felt, but how we feel something is missing, something isn’t quite right. We have both been feeling a lot of road blocks lately, and we know this means something is off. Being from the Abraham Hicks “be in alignment and it will all align” school of thought, we know that feeling good, living exactly how our heart feels and living with complete passion, power and purpose should be relatively easy. It is a natural life force and power that we all have from birth.

So we went straight to the source: within. With the back-story being another story, we realized the problem is that we are both not applying enough of what we know to be true and good for us into our own lives on a daily basis. We know all the things to do to feel good, we know how to attract more of the lives we want, but we are simply not doing it. We realized many of the things we preach we are not practicing for ourselves. Here we are as self proclaimed wellness and spiritual warriors and founders of a community based around wellness, but we have to admit we are not exactly walking the walk every day.

When we are in the flow, we know magic happens. So the question is how can we keep our vibrations up so we can be in our best form, living life to the highest degree of fulfillment?

1. Identify the Blockages: We instinctively knew what has been missing: the self work, the self love and the self care. We dismantled how we felt about issues that anchor us in all the wrong ways.

2. Check In and Love Ourselves: We often treat ourselves poorly, sacrificing our bodies, minds and spirits for the guilt we feel that we should be doing more for our goals, not really listening to how we feel inside and trusting the timing. We accepted that we weren’t working on ourselves or listening to ourselves as much as we should be.

3. Commit, Excel: In that moment, we decided that we wanted things to change. Not just in an outward, material and tangible way, we needed to change the way we feel on a  daily basis! We called out the things we know make us feel in alignment (see below), and vowed to do them as part of daily rituals. Practices of self-love and self care, things we know have moved mountains in our lives for us before. Things that keep us balanced in this beautiful cycle of giving and receiving, and things that keep us clear enough to be concise conduits of the greater goodness that flows through our work. We made the decision that we would consciously do these things every day and every night until the end of the year.


In divine synchronicity, we turned to the calender to see just how many days that would be, and lo and behold, starting tonight- on the eve of the new moon, our challenge would be a total of 40 days and 40 nights! 40 – such magic! Buddha spent 40 days meditating under the tree, Moses 40 days and 40 nights in the desert and Jesus fasted 40 days and nights before he was crucified… In numerology, it is a representation of readiness to build a higher consciousness. Looks like there is certainly something very mystical about this time that we have found ourselves committed to. We are ready!!

To keep ourselves accountable, we will be keeping a diary on here, as we work to implement the tools that we know will elevate our lives to new levels every day. Over the course of our 40 day and 40 night inner spiritual journey focused solely on feeling good, confident, alive and in alignment, we will write share tools and experiences. We’ll see what comes about emotionally, spiritually and materially, not just to encourage and inspire but to hold ourselves to our own wish to reach higher vibrations and aligned living.


The 40/40 cleanse is meant to unclog anything that resides inside that does not serve our best purpose, simply by doing the things that we know make us feel better. What greater way than to finish off the year a more powerful, authentic version of our selves! Makes soaring to new heights in the new year a breeze!

If you feel inspired to join us, comment below, tweet us, share on our Facebook page, or email us if you’d like to share it in a post. Whatever forum you choose, the most important thing is that you declare it and commit to it, and then just ride this wave with us! We would love to hear from you and help support you along the way, and would be happy to pair you with a buddy from the community to empower with.

Check daily for our updates!


“The Law of Attraction states: What you focus on you will get.” -David Schirmer in The Secret

There are a few things that we KNOW work for us, to uplift our vibration and our thoughts towards what we want and what is aligned with our highest self, God and the Universe. These include:

Prayer: Pray without ceasing (or at least as often as possible)

Walk: Move, explore, let things come to you.

Nature: The mother of our being <3

Gratitude: The daily practice is back on!

Giving Ourselves Permission: Simply allowing is such a powerful act.

Yoga/Exercise: Every damn day!

Visualize: As much as possible…set reminders if necessary.

Vision board: Happy Tapper app/Pinterest is back in effect

Eat as clean and pure as possible: No meat (even fish), alcohol or coffee

Dance: Everywhere, all the time.

Self Care: Indulgent baths, hair/skin/beauty care, sleep, Reiki, self-massage

Inspired Action, Only: Move when you feel moved

Practice Positive Self Talk

Write: Anything our heart desires – journal entries, blog posts, songs, poems, stories, stream of consciousness morning pages

Water, water, water: flush your system, keep things flowing

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