Could it be Time for an Evolution in the way we Heal?

If you have come to me over the years for my private or group healing sessions, its likely that at some point in our work together, you have been stunned by the power of clearing your body, mind and spirit through the emotional release of sadness, guilt, shame and grief. I find that often it is the release of our repressed “lower” emotional states that lead to liberation, realignment, and the vision and courage to make new choices. For many, feeling through their pain, often for the first time is revolutionary and redemptive. After years of working in this way, with hundreds, perhaps now thousands of people all over the world, Im beginning to wonder if in fact the path of healing must be through clearing the pain first. Because of the value of immense healing that is extracted from these experiences that I have had, witnessed or shepherded, I don’t believe pain should or can be avoided. However, I do wonder if moving through our pain is the most potent of path of healing.

With a great deal of pride, I have worked through a lot of my “shit”, over 20+ years of intentional healing. Transforming my most painful experiences of death, illness, failure, betrayal and loss into the transformation of who I thought I was and could be. But over the past year of my own healing and intimately supporting the healing of others to feel and clear their “shit” I have started to feel a directional shift. A shift in healing to more joy and the amplification of happiness and fun in my healing- to let love and healing be felt like fullness, drawing in, expansive power from the inside out… a revolution of an experience from the feeling of clearing, releasing and pouring out.

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In feeling through new layers of healing, a desire to shift my healing process has come to the surface. An exploration into experience where my healing resonates in bursts of laughter, into healing pain with tears of joy, and bouts of beaming gratitude and radiance. Making me wonder if we really must go through a period of clearing, of sadness, of shedding and pouring out before we can get to a point where we are ready to allow grace, unfiltered joy and shameless gratitude? Does one come before the other, I wonder? Or is the the hard work, hard wired in my consciousness so deeply? Making redemption my learned desire over the experience of “unearned” joy. It does feel like the natural cycle of things to move from the “hard” and dense feelings, the “tough times” that life can bring into the promised land of what has always been our birthright.

However, Im always about pushing boundaries and beliefs so I like to question what we have always known as humans and lean into the possibility that lies in the evolution of consciousness. Could it be, that in this time in herstory that we are ready to leap into healing through joy? Healing is love, loving; there is no question that love can support us to feel through sadness, madness, pain into redemption and solace- but I wonder- can we head straight to glory? Or does glory, as rule only come after traveling through sorrow? Pushing the boundaries of what has been, into what can be.. this is my constant exploration.

I’ll be practicing this exploration in my Integration monthly remote group energy healing session this weekend June 2nd, join me and an amazing group if your curious in exploring this with us.

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