Energy Reading: Get Ready for the October Harvest

Abundance, abundance, abundance, but can you stand it? Will you choose abundance of strife, stress or struggle? Or will you choose abundant joy, prosperity and love?

October is the month where all that you have been building, working to launch and release finally have the momentum to take off. Everything that you’ve been focusing on, dreaming about, and speaking into existence is ready for harvest.

So what have you been speaking into existence? What have you been believing in and giving your attention to? This is finally the time where you will reap what you’ve sown. To eat what you had long ago planted.

You’re being asked to step into the full picture of your vision, to act as though it all is- because it is. While this has always been available (how the creation process works), this time in history you’re in a cycle where there is a need for your unadulterated focus and faith- despite what is happening and how loud it gets.

There is much more momentum behind your beliefs than any other time this year, because it builds in the direction we most consistently give our attention. We are running towards the end of the year and there is no slowing down.

It’s all coming together in the way you have set it out. If you have not sown intentional seeds, it’s time to take heed. There is no waiting. For when you expect it, you’ll have it. Now be it. It’s not about doing anything out of fear by pushing, it’s about allowing it to come together while you do the work within -which informs the work you must do in the world- which is best done without delay. Take heed, in understanding that time does not dictate the reality of when it happens; your expectation and beliefs do.

Cast down your doubts and fears and watch your beliefs on what is “ready” based on outside circumstances and opinions. This is a conversation with you, about you. You need not wait to act. This is a conversation about you being ready now. It’s time. Time for the harvest, of what you’ve sown.

Like the fall harvest of fruits and vegetables, you need to still go and pick the fruit from the tree and pluck the vegetables from the vine in order to eat it. In this same way, you must go get that which has come forth so that you can have it.

When reflecting on what you’ve focused on and poured into; be honest with yourself and let yourself take the medicine of its lessons and the bounty of the harvest that you will reap. All you need to know is that this is YOUR time, even if things are challenging and the medicine is bitter – take it as nothing but the cure and the sign to step into the harvest you’ve asked for.

From this clarity and new commitment to thriving and freedom you will be at your best to be of service to your family, your community and the world. Let your cup overflow so that you can be of service. That is truly what your thriving is for in this season.

You do this by committing to your knowing and trusting that this is your time and doing the work that makes you know it’s so. Faith without works is dead. You don’t have to “work hard”, you just do YOUR work. Having the courage to trust in you and yours.

Journal Prompts:

What seeds have I sown in the past nine months?

Where, with what and with whom; have I spent most of my focus building and tending?

What must I do, know, understand, be and have to fully accept the reality of my dream being here, now?

What am I waiting on that I can now act upon?

What lessons and/or challenges are being presented right now? And how are those pointing to dreams being my reality now?

This month’s energy reading will be the theme for The Monthly Integration energy healing where 10% of all funds will go towards a non-profit that works to end mass incarceration, excessive punishment and racial inequality. Join us for a distance live-stream healing together at 12 noon PST this Sunday.

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