Energy Healing + Report


If you’re looking for healing support and clarity to heal the deeper things that keep coming up to be healed. Join me for a remote healing with personalized follow up.

This new remote healing session includes an exclusive playlist followed by personalized suggested healing and guidance from my new digital Energy Report and Healing Oracle Deck which you receive shortly after your session.

Set an intention for healing and prepare your space to lay down with privacy to clear and release freely. Lay down at the time of your booked slot and receive healing while you listen to the exclusive meditation playlist.

Simply choose the next healing session time that works for you below. I will email you before to ensure you are ready for your session at that time!

February 25th 5:30pm PST

March 4th 5:30pm PST

March 6th 1pm PST

*I recommend that you do not have plans after the session. You’ll be best off resting and reflecting after our session. I also recommend that you do not smoke or drink 24 hrs before or after our session.

**This session is not over FaceTime or Zoom. I will not be calling you for this session. You will want to lay for the duration of at least an hour for your booked time as I work on you remotely.

If you need to change the time to lay down and receive, just email for a new time that works for you.

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February 25th 5:30pm PST, March 4th 5:30pm PST, March 6th 1pm PST


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