Integrative Breathwork Training & Certification with Millana Snow  


My mission is to guide others toward their innate healing power; this work is that invitation. I was four years old when my grandmother taught me how to meditate, and despite my tumultuous childhood, my spiritual practice served as my life raft. As I grew older, I found solace in books, nature, and my rich inner world. This practice encapsulates the principles I've cultivated in my life and professional practice. Backed by scientific research and steeped in centuries of tradition, this profound approach to healing and transformation has withstood the test of time with clients and trainees of all backgrounds.

Join me and an intimate group of fellow trainees to delve into the profound world of breathwork, inner parts work, and meditation, experiencing a deep and lasting shift in your understanding of yourself and the world.

Learn to facilitate and embody the time-tested and science-backed methods that nearly 150 trainees have shared around the globe to heal and transform themselves, their communities and their clients. 

Beginning with an immersive 5-day training experience supported by ongoing online resources, you'll graduate with a certificate in Integrative Breathwork Facilitation that will change your life for years to come. 






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I’ve been teaching breathwork and meditation for a decade, and have been studying these practices for nearly 30 years. What started out as a passion for helping others heal turned into a full-blown career of over a thousand breathwork and healing events across London, New York and Los Angeles.

The more I traveled and the larger the audiences got online and in person, the more I understood that we all have everything we need inside of us. Whether they were Fortune 500 CEOs, artists, truck drivers, famous actors, corporate professionals, yoga teachers or busy parents (and I’ve seen them all!), everyone needed help going within. I realized that if people could learn how to find what they had inside of them, they would discover that they had the power to heal themselves and transform anything they were going through, so, in 2020, I began teaching these techniques to others. Now, we’re a global community of conscious leaders with almost 150 certified facilitators. 

Not only did it introduce me to one of the most powerful tools in my business as a leader and a mystic, her training also integrated that tool into my system at a cellular level. When clients show up to my classes and workshops, I know that they will feel safe, authentic, empowered and transformed through this work. I’m lucky enough to have shared Integrative Breathwork professionally for three years now to sold-out classes both online and in New York City, and will continue to teach and share it for the rest of my life.” 

-Graciela Rasor, Mystic & Multidimensional Creative 

"I can honestly say that my Integrative Breathwork Certification with Millana Snow changed my life."

Thousands of people all over the world have found Integrative Breathwork to facilitate some of the most impactful experiences of their lives. So much more than deep breathing, this transformative three-part style of breathing done all through the mouth offers the following benefits:

Integrative Breathwork goes beyond the mind and the endless thought loops and patterns to facilitate somatic release in the body, where deep healing is activated. 

Changes in the breath also facilitate changes in the emotional state; many people find that Integrative Breathwork is one of the most powerful ways to activate the emotional body and finally feel and then release suppressed trauma. 

Integrative Breathwork activates altered states of awareness, in which participants are able to access parts of the psyche that can’t normally be reached, facilitating an entirely new experience of the Self.  

Have trouble meditating? Integrative Breathwork is one of the most powerful entry points to achieving deep states of presence without the struggle.


This is an intimate in-person group training experience, held at a beautiful private estate in Topanga, CA. 

Training takes place from March 7-11, 2024 from 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM each day. 

Throughout the training sessions I attended, I was able to access parts of myself that I didn't realize were there and gain awareness of the way I was programmed as a human being until this point in my life. After my Integrative Breathwork Training, with Millana, I was able to move forward in my life with more confidence , peace and understanding of who I am and what I want for myself moving forward.

-Santiago arenas

"My work with Millana has most certainly changed the trajectory of my life."

DAY 1 

  • Welcome & introductions 
  • Session: The Self and the not-Self
  • Session: Introduction to the 7 Principles of Healing 
  • Lunch
  • Session: Awakening as a Practice
  • Integrative Breathwork Experience #1 
  • Workshop: The Deep and Mundane Journaling Practice

DAY 2 

  • Session: Breathe into Now 
  • Workshop: Somatic Meditation & Movement
  • Lunch
  • Session: Embracing the Shadow 
  • Integrative Breathwork Experience #2

DAY 3 

  • Session: How to Let Go 
  • Integrative Breathwork Experience #3
  • Lunch 
  • Session: Embodying Unconditional Love  
  • Workshop: Griefwork Ritual


  • Session: The Power of Belief
  • Integrative Breathwork Experience #4
  • Lunch 
  • Session: Self-care Revolution 
  • Workshop: Nature immersion


  • Session: How to facilitate a 1:1 session
  • Session: Trauma-informed and mindful care as a professional
  • Lunch
  • Workshop: Hands-on partner practice sessions 
  • Sharing/Q&A
  • Graduation ceremony!


Ongoing Online Certification Support 

This 50-hour in-person training is the first step towards receiving your 200-hour Integrative Breathwork Certification.  To become a certified facilitator, you will need to complete 150 additional practice hours with yourself and others. These hours can be completed in any time frame and will be supported by these additional online program activities, included in your certification at no additional cost:

"This Blew All Of My Expectations Out Of The Water"

This is a professional certification designed for both brand-new facilitators and seasoned practitioners of other modalities including yoga teachers, counselors, physical therapists, psychologists, bodyworkers, naturopaths and energy workers.

We welcome everyone interested in empowering themselves and guiding others toward self-healing, and do our very best to meet and support every new student where they’re at.


This training counts for 50 hours of a 200-hour Integrative Breathwork certification, which is based on self- and client-practice and additional online group activities (included in the price of your certification), and may be completed any time after the training. That said, you WILL leave this training with the tools and support to use these techniques on yourself and others, regardless of whether you pursue the official certificate.

This training is based in equal parts learning and embodiment. Every day, you will be guided through a deep Integrative Breathwork session, where you will uncover your own connection to the teacher within. You will also learn teachings, techniques and tools to add to your practice with clients including inner parts work, visualization, meditation skills, active journaling, cognitive practices, emotional intelligence systems, interoception, shadow work, subconscious processes and more. You will also receive guidance on leading client sessions and have plenty of time to practice your new skills.  

Training will be held daily from 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM at a private multi-acre estate in the heart of Topanga, CA, with easy access from Topanga Canyon Boulevard (additional details shared with students who book). The property is only two minutes’ drive from two upmarket cafes with high-quality organic food and five minutes from the best restaurants in Topanga Village.

Indigenous Territory Acknowledgement: Topanga Canyon is the traditional, ancestral territory of Chumash, Ventureño Chumash, Tongva (Gabrieleno) and Fernandeño Tataviam First Nations according to Native Land Digital.

The precise address of this land will be provided after booking.

Please note that the training portion will be in-person ONLY, with the remaining certification activities able to be completed via private online platform

The price includes five 10-hour days on-site at a private estate in Topanga. All lunches and snacks, tea and water are provided on site. The training culminates in a formal graduation event where you will practice what you learned with guests followed by a certificate in Integrative Breathwork, which you will have for life. 

The training price does not include accommodations, transportation to the venue, breakfast or dinner.

This is one of my favorite questions—and the answer is: YES! If there’s even a tiny little piece of you that feels like you need to do this training, there’s a reason for that. Even if you can’t explain it right now, things will make themselves clear soon, and this training is open to all individuals committed to personal growth, self-awareness and holistic transformation.

WHO IS THIS CERTification for?

Can you tell me more about what the training will be like and what I’ll learn?

How do I get my certification in Integrative Breathwork?

Where will this training be held? 

What is included in the training price? 

I feel drawn to this training, but I have no idea why—I'm not even sure if I want to become a facilitator. Should I still join?

How do I access the 12-month payment plan?

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There is so much potency and magic and presence and pleasure that comes from these sessions, and this practice can take you beyond what you think is possible, if you’ll work with it. I’ve been teaching breathwork for the past year and it has been amazing to walk in my purpose. It is a blessing to be at peace with myself and to know that *this* is what I am meant to do.

-Elizabeth Burton, Intuitive Guide

"I took three trainings in the span of 18 months with Millana and absolutely changed my life."


*12-Month payment plan is only available through Afterpay. At checkout, click “Afterpay” where you will be redirected to Afterpay’s site to either sign up or login to authorize the payment by agreeing to the terms of a payment plan. Unfortunately, not all clients may be eligible for Afterpay and we don’t have any input in this third party system.

**We do not accept refunds, however we are happy to give credit or transfers for this and future purchases.

***Please note that training and certification price does not include lodging.