By Millana Snow


This reading is for those who have committed to follow their unique calling. This is for those who are committed to their own path.

For those who are still struggling with their calling, your urgent duty is to commit to remembering it and then hastily work from this understanding as your highest priority.

For those of us committed to our own calling: Are you here to serve or are you here to get something? Are you following the call within you or are you chasing the trappings of the call? Are you doing so that you can get something in return or are you allowing yourself to just be where you really are?

It’s time to fully embody the role that you have built the momentum of becoming. There is no use for rejecting and assuaging the moment that you have come into. This moment, season and role demands your presence, commitment, focus and ownership. You are called to be where you are and to own it fully. This does not include “making sense” of it or “making something” — this is just about assuming the role and moving from this place fully.

Where you are now is ripe, and full with possibility and momentum, a time and place that you have long waited to be. Whether you see it or not, this is the stage and phase of life that your former self dreamt of and hoped for. It is no longer far off in the distance… it is all here and now. And, yes, it has always been here and now — but you had not yet developed the consciousness to experience it all as you.

From this place of owning who you have become, there is much more to come and you are required to accept this with great gratitude and love.

August is not about working, this month is about being and creating; this month is about experiencing the GOD in you and as you. You are to put yourself in the position where you can be blown away by the GOD in you. And in this exploration in and of the self, you will radiate a light so bright that every detail of your vision will come into place.

To support this process, go as slow as possible. This month is not to be worked away. In fact, do the least “work” and make yourself so comfortable in this state that you create vast spaciousness for you to experience daily.  You don’t need to think about money; you are aligning with real long-term sustainability and expansion now. Let your “yes” be sacred. Use your “thank you” as an absorption tool and your “no” as your shield and sword.

It is true that you will have so much overflow; so much to come that you must guard yourself with clarity and intention. You must be clear and agile. You must be self-aware and honest with yourself. You must own where you truly are and how far you have truly come. It is astonishing what you have become. It is astonishing what you have done within yourself and the world will know; but you must know first.

It’s time to live fully as the vision, you must assume the role that has now been given to you. A role in which you have been made ready for. The vision that you can see for yourself is not far off dear one, it is now. What you can see for yourself is real-time, not future-time. Assume the role, by fully accepting what is required of you now.

Journal Prompts

What calling are you here to be in service of? How can you make that part of your daily practice?

In what ways can you invite more being instead of doing into your life? What fears do you have around simply being?

How are your current boundaries in relationships, work and with self? Are you allowing your “yes” to be sacred or are you using it to please others?

Is there anything holding you back from stepping into the energy that is currently required of you? How can you transmute that fear into action?