By Millana Snow

Welcome The Unknown…

This July Breakthrough, we choose to “welcome the unknown through creative exploration!”

In the summer of 2024, uncertainty reigns supreme. How will you anchor yourself amidst this swirling unknown? The answer lies in embracing art and creativity. These twin forces are humanity’s oldest technologies for transmuting life’s mysteries into tangible form. They’re the alchemy of creating something from nothing, bringing order to chaos.

Many protest, claiming they’re not artists or creative types, but creativity extends far beyond traditional roles and mediums. Do you cook, tend to plants, solve problems at work, raise children, or invent strategies for healing a wound? If you engage in any activity requiring original thinking, you are a creative being with art waiting to be unleashed.

Embracing your creative side is crucial now more than ever. It allows you to express and process the complex emotions arising from these unprecedented times. The first step is simply allowing yourself to feel. From there, you have the raw materials to work with. It’s through these ineffable emotions that stories, ideas, and forms emerge. If you had unlimited resources and time to express your dreams and visions, what would you create? Can you start now, with whatever you have?

Begin with whatever feels most enjoyable and low-stakes. Bake a pie, but infuse it with your unique perspective, family heritage, or political opinions. Could an all-American apple pie start a conversation about the America you wish to see?! Devise an innovative solution to a workplace challenge. Write a poem about your daily commute. Make it more than a routine task – create something that only YOU could conceive. This approach transforms lemons into lemonade and makes the mundane fun and meaningful.

We live in extraordinary times, so why cling to the familiar when it’s all falling away? With major changes occurring at every societal level, possibilities for creative problem-solving and artistic expression are more abundant than ever. Pursue the dreams, innovations, and creations you’ve always envisioned – the old rules no longer apply. Create and innovate freely in this new landscape of endless potential, turning uncertainty into opportunity.

For many in the US, July symbolizes independence. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this independence came at a devastating cost to Native and Black communities. With this awareness, we can reframe our understanding of independence. Instead of clinging to the individualism of the ego’s goals, consider surrendering to the greater creative force within for the sake of how the process will change you. It’s writing and performing a one-woman show at your local theater or doing a pop dinner party in your backyard. By surrendering to the vision, will, and purpose of your true Self, you paradoxically find true freedom and purpose that contributes to the greater good.

Guide for July:

  1. Embrace uncertainty as a catalyst for creativity:
  • View the unknown as an opportunity for innovation and artistic expression.
  • Use feelings of uncertainty to fuel your creative problem-solving and artistic endeavors.
  • Practice finding beauty and meaning in ambiguity.
  1. Expand your definition of creativity and art:
  • Recognize the creativity in your daily activities and problem-solving.
  • Approach mundane tasks with creative flair. For example, if your three favorite people from history were joining you for dinner, how might you make the table?
  • Seek out new forms of expression and innovation that resonate with you. Have you ever wanted to take a pottery class? Now is the time to take to a childhood dream and turn your anxieties about work into works of art.
  1. Make space for emotion and intuition:
  • Allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of your emotions and then give them a healthy place to be expressed.
  • Use creativity and art as safe outlets for processing complex feelings.
  • Practice translating emotions into tangible creations or innovative projects.
  1. Start small and playful:
  • Begin with low-stakes creative projects or problem-solving exercises like how to nurse an indoor plant back to health.
  • Infuse personal meaning into everyday creations.
  • Experiment with different mediums, styles, and approaches to creativity and art.
  1. Challenge societal norms through creativity and art:
  • Use your creations and innovations to question and explore social issues.
  • Develop ideas and art that reflect your unique perspective on the world.
  • Dare to express concepts that challenge the status quo, no matter your skill or medium
  1. Cultivate a community of creators and innovators:
  • Share your creations and ideas with others in a meetup or online group.
  • Collaborate on artistic and creative problem-solving projects.
  • Seek out and support fellow creators and experimental artists.
  1. Practice creative mindfulness:
  • Approach each day as a blank canvas for creativity and innovation asking yourself how to celebrate the unknown each day.
  • Find moments of inspiration in unexpected places and people.
  • Use creative activities as a form of meditation and self-reflection.

I embrace the unknown as a source of artistic expression, transforming uncertainty into creations that express my authentic self and connect me to the greater good.

Sacral Chakra Healing & Meditation

Principles of Healing:
Transmutation through the principle of surrender: The process of changing or transforming negative energy or experiences into positive ones by surrendering to the unknown and making magic from the mystery.

Journal Prompts:

  1. How can I use creativity and art to express and process the uncertainties I’m facing right now?
  2. What everyday activities or challenges could I approach more creatively? How might I infuse more creative expression into these tasks?
  3. What emotions am I struggling to express? How might I translate these feelings into a tangible creation or visionary solution?

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