By Millana Snow


This month asks us to start over and begin again. The seasons are changing and what has been is now falling away. Holding onto what was delays what new life will take its place.

Let go of last month’s assumptions, momentum and beliefs. Things are not the same. This is the month of crossing into a threshold beyond the visions that you have been holding. There’s more that you haven’t seen and cannot now see, that’s coming though you this month. It’s time to open your mind and heart to transcend beyond your previous imaginations.

To ascend easefully past the new threshold, you must be in touch with the many sides of you. Recognizing that you are multisided and multidimensional, you must let your soul lead while allowing your many sides to express themselves through you in accordance with what is needed for inner peace for the wholeness within you. For many, this means meditation and journaling multiple times a day to be in tune with the most current guidance and expression needed in the moment.

There is no more time to put off what you’ve known you must do and be. For many, this is leaving a job, for some it’s stepping fully into a new calling or a relationship. It can also be as simple as the need for one to workout, play or paint regularly. These inner nudges will become louder and bigger in their need to be listened to, expressed, healed and integrated.

There is no need for permission anymore for anything that you’re called to do and be. You no longer need to edit or filter any aspect of you. To the extent that you hide yourself, you limit the natural expansion of what is becoming through and for you. When rooted in the compassionate Self, the soul Self, this natural expression of you is ultimately for the wellbeing of all.

You can heal privately while revealing your truest self. You can be powerful and abundant by remaining anonymous. You can be seen without showing your face. Just don’t hide. It doesn’t matter how you express you being you; know your Self and express the alchemy of this process in all its purity.

With the rapid changes that are to come, we are called to a regular practice that supports deep anchoring and self assurances of safety and stillness, as your reality shifts quickly. Set the framework and boundaries now that will support you to grow quickly without spinning out.

There is much mystery to the unfolding of the month before us because we are set up to go far beyond the vision that we previously held. We could keep our actions and expectations in the status quo or we could change everything by giving priority to doing and being what comes through the Self in the moment.

Break every expectation that you’ve held in previous months. Break the status quo. Let yourself have an inner revolution for a new season and paradigm again and again.

Journaling Prompts

Who have you been? Who are you now called to become?

What are you holding onto too tightly? Why are you afraid to let go?

What daily practices would support your growth and transformation this month?

What expectations do others have of you that no longer feel aligned?