By Millana Snow


The universe has been sending you many hints and clues about what will help you fulfill your dreams. Some of those things are so simple and in flow that you might overlook or ignore what is right before you. Be careful and aware of how you can easily be distracted this month.

What has been calling you is actually quite effortless and easy for you, so notice when it feels complicated and over-burdened because this is your clue that it’s time to learn, discover and connect within rather than push and force to make things happen.

Things will shift and start moving quickly this month through the end of 2021; it’s very important for you to remain focused and grounded to allow this tide to serve your clear intentions.

Observe the rhythms of the season and where nature is guiding you to be. In the Northern Hemisphere it will be important to be in the cadence of the autumn frequencies and, in the Southern Hemisphere, to be in the rhythm of the spring energies.

In the northern hemisphere you will recognize and quickly understand that it is a time to go inward but also to create space for your home, family, community and within yourself to ground and expand. This is a time for nesting and preparing for the winter rest and retreat.

Respectively, in the Southern Hemisphere, it is not quite time for breaking open and being seen; you are still in the cocoon warming up and getting ready to emerge, so get ready.

The autumnal energies are requiring us to awaken to the ask of our bodies and, for many of us, that is for rest and spaciousness for the cultivation of the self, one’s concept of family and home. This is a time to get clear on what home, family and community really look like for you and to recognize that it is also only going to come out of a well-cultivated relationship with the self.

This month is truly an opportune and ripe season for harvest. Still, however, it is harvest of a different kind of sort — a harvest that manifests from attracting what is seeking you rather than seeking what attracts you.

If you are willing to heed the rest and restoration that is calling you, you will have a a revolution in what you call your reality.

Trust that what’s coming through is right and as it should be. Trust that everything is coming at the right time and is unfolding just as it’s needed so that you can create more frequent states of creating enriched by deep presence and self-assured security.

Let the real rest and restoration come from you being at peace with and accepting what you perceive to be real at this time. Feel what’s possible when you no longer fight what you think should be different than what you perceive it to be and, when that acceptance is authentic, watch it then shift dramatically.

What you think is real now is not the whole picture. What you see is not even a sliver of what reality actually is. You cannot see more of the whole story that is now unfolding through and to you until you allow yourself to accept and realize how you are in relationship with all things.

Journaling Prompts

What clues, hints and signs have you been receiving about your path ahead?

How can you create an environment with yourself, home and family that feels nourishing?

In what ways are you magnetic right now? What is that telling you about yourself?

What practices would support your inward rest and retreat this month?