By Millana Snow


This month will be another big harvest month, truly a time when you shall reap what you sow, dear one.

For some, this is a scary revelation as they are shown what they have been planting and cultivating unconsciously. For others, the work has been so consistent and so top of mind that this season of sowing is once again of great wealth, health and abundance in all ways that fortify.

What is called for us is to take time to really see ourselves. It’s time to go within, to stop obsessing with the outer world and take account of your own inner world. Don’t ignore your obsession with comparison or your desire to feed the competition machine. Instead, be with that. Acknowledge that and take account of all that tries to project your focus outward. So you can be done with seeing outside of yourself over seeing inside for yourself.

This is a time to rest, reflect and recognize who you are now. Yes, collaboration and union are available to us at this time, but after we have come to collaboration and union with ourselves! This is what makes for the powerful and sustainable breakouts and breakthroughs that build momentum on themselves.

Authenticity is the golden key for all things all the time, and, this month, it is the acceleration tool for anything that you have been waiting on to take off. Lean on the practice of really seeing yourself and accepting it, and the changes will be smooth and effortless.

This month there will be a major uptick in the markets and in life’s major moments, and it will seem like everything is moving a bit too fast… IF you have not gotten quiet and present to the messages and inspiration that can only come from deep inner silence and reflection.

Don’t get left behind by focusing on others, comparing and waiting for approval or permission. You can go swiftly and boldly by dancing to the beat of your own drum and flowing with the energy that you catch wind of. But you must be listening, you must be able to see clearly, you must be awake.

I pray that you will look at what you have resisted seeing, for fear of how you might change. You will change, things will shift… have the courage to meet them head on. The faith that what and who remains will be for the highest good of all. Act from that place of love and allow the shifts to happen, trusting that what you have sown is being harvested indeed.

Trust yourself. See yourself. Continue to carve out space and time to build that relationship and energy with you and God – you will not regret it.

Journal Prompts

Who is the authentic you?

What practices are you called to cultivate with yourself and Spirit this month?

What energies are you still in resistance to? Where can you allow more in?

What boundaries do you need to set this month so that you can be in right relation to self?