By Millana Snow


We are here in the flow of life — don’t forget that this is an ever changing river, one that ends in the ocean of oneness.

What if everything you touched turned to gold? What if it everything was easy and effortless? Why not you? Why not you?

There is truly something powerful to uncover and experience in the subtle knowing of the physically unmanifested things known and sensed by your inner awareness.

Let your visions guide you toward a more magical existence. Strengthen the gift of insight, where the inner vision is how you truly see. Your life can transform this week, this month, simply by rigorously abiding by the visions set forth in your mind’s eye.

Truly, dear one, you are not a teacher, lawyer, writer or a professional- you are a gifted transmutator of the unseen into the seen, the intangible into the tangible.

This month, dear one, when you get a subtle nudge you must listen, follow and act on it like it was a loud fire alarm. When you have a thought or vision of something interesting or grand you must not push it away, but yield to know if it’s for you or not. If you find that it is, act on it with great urgency.

Similarly, when you feel something is off, you must immediately respect it, even if you need time to process it to know how to wisely move forward.

Equally you must remember the magic of life. How easy and fun everything can and is truly meant to be. Despite what people may say, that is each our birth right in this short life.

To live magically, you must passionately and compassionately seek the highest road and approach possible — one that intentionally cultivates insight, passion, kindness and deep heart resonance — trusting that, on this path, mistakes are simply when we don’t learn from what we missed seeing the first time.

Journal Prompts

What if everything you touched turned to gold?

How can you invite more ease and effortlessness into this month?

What deep held fears do you have around ease and abundance?

What is your inner vision communicating to you in this moment?