By Millana Snow


This month and this year, the fresh starts will be stalled, slow and not what you expected – so flow to what is working, what is opening and calling you forward. To many, it will be a call to more rest, even deeper self-care, self- reflection and space for a more internal spiritual practice.

The winter season in the Northern Hemisphere is still a time for slow and mindful movement towards our personal and collective light.

While much of western society calls January 1 the new year, it is still a few months from the new year of nature’s seasonal cycles. When we are in the flow of nature, we find that our manifestations also reflect and align with nature.

In this time where our new start may feel like a stop, wait and restart, we get to live more truthfully, because we are being pushed to reflect and reassess how we feel, where we are and what we want to be, often.

Allow yourself to sit and listen for the quiet voice that comes as you allow it, feel it, open to it and have the courage to act from this place.

Be an active participant in listening to the messages in the pause. Give structure, form and nourishment to the flow as it twists and turns through and before you.

Clear whatever isn’t working, wherever and whenever you find it. Just let it go. And let it go with a quickness and with no regrets.

Let what surrounds you right now, nourish you. The plan and hopes of tomorrow are only nourishment in the living of now without burden or fear. While our plans and goals have weight and magnetism, trust that what is unfolding is equally needed and potent.

May you have the courage to seek the wisdom inside yourself. May you trust that what is is perfect and as it needs to be, according to your prayers and desires.

Journal Prompts

What would nourish your spirit in this season?

What isn’t working in your life? How can you let it go with ease?

How can you live more truthfully this year?

How can you cultivate gratitude for your life in this moment?