By Millana Snow

February Energy Reading

It’s OK to be a blank slate. In fact it’s more in your best interest to BE, rather than do and try. Just be right where you are without the need to make sense of things, without the need to shape or form what could or should be.

It’s not as easy for you to be still and to not need to have an agenda. But it is very much relevant and necessary in this time of transformation.

Just watch and feel and really honor what is coming up in the moment — in the now — in YOUR moment, which you have so brilliantly and valiantly earned.

Not only is it OK, but essential that you are rooted in this moment, so that you can work from a place of clarity and relevance.

It’s essential that you are able to hear what it is that you are truly thinking and feeling from a place of stillness, and thinking not from the mind but receiving the word as it comes into direction rather than managing.

In the stillness of being, you will be able to prioritize what is wanting to be born uniquely through you rather than being taken over by the noise of what your culture, family, community and programming are trying to override.

You’re coming back online to a self that was completely washed away and is now coming back into form; now you are able to decide who and what you are to be.

You’re able to look at and be with what actually is preferred for this moment from all the infinite options. You can decide what is chosen and determined for you and you alone.

Coming back into form is pulling down from what is formless into deeper embodied choice.

From that, there must be many choices made so that there can be form made out of the formless and what is not made consciously will be made unconsciously so that there will be a form made out of the infinite.

This is your human(m)ess. This is your nature. This is what allows what is intangible to become tangible, so choose as much as you can consciously.

Otherwise your humaness (aka dna and brain programs) will take over and use what is in the programs available in the physical realm.

It will feel so much better if you stop caring so much for people. It is not actually your job, even if you once thought it was.

The best service you could possibly give at this time is to be of service to yourself so fully that all things are chosen in your life.

When confused, come back to remembering: it is what it is and that is enough.

Journal Prompts

Who are you when you are simply BEing?

In what areas of your life are you feeling burnt out and uninspired?

What have you forgotten that your soul wants you to remember?

How can you root deeper into this now moment?