By Millana Snow

March Energy Reading

We need you. We need you to be ready. We need you to be strong. We need you to be vibrant, alive and abundant. We need you available for service. We need you to be active and ready for whatever comes.

In this time, you must do your part by being ready to receive and embody whatever is required to be of the greatest service and contribution for the greater good. You are the greatest generation that this world has ever known and, looking back to the past, you can see how greatly you are needed. 

You cannot do things as they have been done, you must have courage to do things as they have only been dreamt of. To embody the peace and harmony that we desire in the world.

But we must be bold, we must be strong, we must be ready, we must hold the vision and live it now. We cannot do what we have been doing; we must be who we are being called to be and build a world that reflects this. It’s time to strike out in the ways that we know the world needs. It must come from a place of wisdom, peace and vision of what good is possible when the world is led by people like us.

There are few things that are more important than the young dreamers of the world becoming the doers and beers. We don’t need to wait any longer for the approval or permission of the elders to step forward and show the world a new way. That time is now and we must demand it. This means that we maintain this same level accountability within the privacy of our own lives and in all relationships: public, professional and personal. We must demand this of ourselves as much as we demand this of our leaders.

We cannot wait for the leaders of the old school and the old ways to pass before this world is changed and pushed in the direction of that of the greatest good. We cannot wait for the environment to matter more than the drama of our politicians and our culture wars. We cannot wait for peace to be the wish or dream but rather we must be those who are courageous enough to set it as our standard and our only option and choice.

We must be bold in our daily lives. We must believe and trust that it is right for us to have the power and the influence that is necessary for these old structures to topple and for the ones that we have envisioned to be erected and known. This now means that each and every one of us, despite our past resistance, must actually do our best.

In order for us to have the capacity to do and be our best, we must be in touch with where we are within ourselves. We must spend daily time being of service by being in mindfulness. By being in intentional meditation and stillness, so that we can be guided from that momentum and that energetic pole and not that of the TV or the warring factions. We know that peace is an active practice — it does not come through passivity. It is a daily personal and collective embodiment that requires our individual and collective courage and action.

As the years wear on on this planet, the call for our courage and our ability to show up and rise to the occasion gets louder and more urgent. If we are not listening to that call within ourselves, we will get disheveled and confused by the louder call of a chaotic world. 

Your courage stems from the remembrance of who you truly are. The peace that we all seek is undergirded by the understanding of where we came from and where we’re going. Our peace and understanding is founded on the foundation of the remembrance of oneness. And all of that requires your active engagement with your inner world before you are disenfranchised or scrambled by the travails and chaos of our outer world.

Journal Prompts

Who are you when you are at your best?

What daily practices would support your nervous system this month?

In what ways are you holding back from being BOLD?

How can you be of unique service to your community this month?