By Millana Snow

April Energy Reading

Clear house and make space for what new life is ready to spring forward. Don’t let what is no longer living block and crowd what is ready to thrive and flourish.

It’s time. It’s time to wake up and let yourself live in this new season of growth and awakening. You have made it to your time of greatness, a season of your life that, until recently, had only beckoned you from afar.

Do not get caught in the old narrative that tells you it’s scary to be GREAT. THIS is who you came to be, your authentic self is effortless and powerful. You aren’t even afraid anymore; it’s just a new rhythm, it’s just a new way of moving and being that feels different but not scary.

Many on the outside may doubt you, and some will have guessed what is coming next but what matters most is that you know it’s time to flourish.

You’ve shown up, you’ve heeded the call, you’ve done the work, that was the hard part; now it’s time to allow the growth process to do its thing out of what you have already planted. It’s that simple and effortless, allow the increase and expansion, that has already taken root and bask in it.

Things will be picking up again, the opportunities and promises of your dreams will start to flow to you this season – so be mindful to be in inner stillness with this new pace so that you can maintain, embody and express with humble integrity and your most authentic power. You deserve and have earned holistic success.

If you’re reading this, you have already come to the other side of your initiation. With the dawn of this new astrological year you have already passed the test of rest and inner cultivation and listening.

This time is about the embodiment of what you have learned and what you have gleaned from the lessons that you have passed through, so that they can be applied in this season of growth.

Make no mistake, you have already begun this new phase, this new role in life and that’s why things are starting to show up differently for you.

It’s now about accepting that these new opportunities, challenges and new potential realities are coming out of who you have become, so it’s up to you to do what only you can do within yourself to support this new becoming of your highest vision.

Humbly hold in your heart that you’ve faced what most would look away from. You rose to the occasion and to the challenge, albeit messy or confusing at times, and you did not shy away.

You rested, you prepared, persevered, you were unrelenting in the pursuit of a promise of what was potential if you just faced your dreams and yourself, rather than looking away.

Take what you have in front of you very seriously, stop pretending like it’s for someone else. Stop pretending like you haven’t been called from on high and from deep within yourself. Protect the growth and flow that is now ever-abundant in this season. Embody it today.

Journal Prompts:

What dream are you ready to realize?

Do you have any lingering blocks telling you that you don’t deserve success?

What have you learned and embodied that you’re ready to share?

Journal on any fears you have about being GREAT and being seen in that greatness.