By Millana Snow

May Energy Reading

There will be a fair amount of confusion and chaos around you and in the world, so it will be important to be more self-oriented in your understanding of what it all means for you… whatever that may be. Your newly evident ability to practice self-identifying and self-pacifying will be key.

The practices of self-reflection and self-accountability that were rediscovered and required in the winter months are now a strengthened muscle that you have to lean on as you dash toward the summer months. It will be so important to be self-reflective and self-oriented in the midst of rapid growth and expansion, because you will need to be guided by your own inner wisdom to know what’s right for you. To be where you need to be when you need to be there.

It’s a very specific path that you will have to wind to navigate around the chaos and the trials of the outer world. So to consciously and mindfully pass through the travails of your inner world you will be able to do so gracefully in your outer world.

Do not wait for others to show you what they can do, or for your outer world to prove to you that things are possible… It’s time to declare, be pointed and single-minded about what you want and move forward as that is the only conclusion. Move forward as though that is what is happening, kindly allowing who and what gets in alignment with that, patiently allowing who and what can follow suit.

Be clear with yourself, that’s all that’s required. Be pointed and consistent with that one task. What is it that you are wanting? What is it that you are clear is now happening and unfolding? Are your words, actions and mindset aligned with this reality as it is now true for you? Or do you speak of what you do not want? Do you expect what is in opposition to what you have decided? This is where a more self-oriented mindset and not control of others or circumstances will be key.

To know that you have rightly prioritized your focus within the self and on the self, you will feel rested and revived by this daily consistent practice rather than tired and stressed. You will feel the flow of life force by focusing and prioritizing your best interest, giving you life rather than pouring yourself out so others can receive your life force.

A question that would be very helpful and beneficial for you at this time is the question…does this work for me? Does this serve my interests? My life force, my flow, my creativity and vision? It’s then up to you to let that be the litmus test and what you place in front of every opportunity in person that crosses your path. When not forcing others to fulfill your needs or expectations but rather letting everything fall where it may -whether it be in alignment with your vision or not – accepting that and moving forward accordingly, this is the most empowering and gracious act for you and everyone around you.

It’s not that things won’t be challenging or that sad or painful things won’t come your way; this month is about how you receive what flows your way because your focus on your inner vision and whatever comes is decidedly useful and helpful to the path of that vision unfolding. It’s a new capacity that you’ve built that you’ve taken the time to strengthen so that when things come your way, it doesn’t phase you like it used to, rather it informs what you already knew to be true. Because you’ve been listening and you’ve become brave enough to make it your ally.

Be revived by your own presence and your own attention for yourself. Let your own self-mastery and self-interest be what gives you energy. The intention and cultivation of your own delight are the biggest rewards and will pay out the biggest dividends. You’ve spent years sowing seeds so others could harvest and others could benefit and now it’s time for the harvest to be yours.

What’s the best that can happen?

What can devoted love for yourself do?