By Millana Snow

June Energy Reading

Breakthrough season is here. Look around, we have no use for you to stay small. We are no longer afraid, we’ve been made ready. It’s time now — feel that, because you know.

Open up more to receive. Dare to believe everyone and everything is unfolding for your good. Let the light of the high summer sun activate your heart and mind in new and exciting ways, because finally our season of breakthroughs has arrived.

Wherever you are, set the tone and stake your ground with the vision that you’ve found. Show up in this state, so dedicated and clear, that everyone around you is compelled to support the playing out of the story you wrote.

Main character flow is the call and the ask of this time. Set the tone for your flow and allow who and what comes and goes.

We can all be the star. We can all coexist as bright lights in the same sky. Show your light so bright with this knowing. Your light cannot dim another’s, for we are the only ones that can dim our own brightness. Not even the moon can block the sun for longer than a passing moment, and even that is an illusion.

What messages and callings have been tapping you quietly and politely? Those soft whispers are kind now, so listen and act while their messengers do you subtle favors.

So much of what is happening this month is beyond words, this is a month of being and fulfilling the promise… no need to talk about it.

This season you’ve been gifted another chance to know: you are the one. You are the star. You are the power. You set the frame. You set the tone. It’s you, it’s you, it’s you. Be still and know.

With your devotion to this lifestyle, you will connect with others who will work in concert with you in their Godness —  those that know it is also for them to shine side by side, that it is also their birthright to be the one that they’ve waited for. There is no competition, there is no exclusion, all is included and absorbed when we truly shine bright.

Let them come to you. Spend your time and energy cultivating your craft, your gifts and your Godness within. Listen to your inner knowing so deeply that it’s all you hear, from there you’ll know where to steer.

You think they’re not watching you but know that they are. They act like they don’t see you but all they can do is stare. They may feel the need to compete but that’s not your game. You’re here to show up fully, bidding they do the same.

Take off and put down all that is trying and striving, so all that remains is your authentic joyful thriving.