By Millana Snow

July Energy Reading

Healing and breakthrough has taken root.

Breakthrough has been made complete in the seen AND unseen. It is now our job to embody both realms fully. To live that which is seen within and to embody the truth that we prefer.

Our ability to pull down what is yet to be intangible through our unrelenting conscious focus and action is stronger than ever. How will you wield these magnified powers?

Rather than just dreaming, this month is living the dream as the only reality you will accept. But what dream do you verify in your mind and heart to be true? Because it is all a dream. Will you run away from the nightmare or will you take back your power to live the dream you always knew you could?

We live the polarity of the infinite and finite everyday, however, this month and the rest of this year is about taking the breakthrough that has happened within (and for many it’s been seen and held in the tangible world) and expressing it faithfully through your daring and dedicated embodiment, word and deed.

The inner dramas of so many are plainly on display in the outer world. So many, like ourselves, have waited for the chosen ones to answer the call, to fix the world, to save us. The time has come where we have awakened to the realization that we are the few that CHOOSE OURSELVES to be THE ONE.

The time has come to lead in shepherding in a new era, a new reality. It is us whose outer experience represents the inner experience that is preferred. It is us that begin to change the tide of history with our own personal revolution made manifest, making a wave in the collective pool of experience.

The breakthrough and healing of years of deep work have already taken root. This month, we witness, cultivate and circulate the new ideas, manifestations, abundance and energies that have been lying in wait for such a time like this where young leaders go from being dreamers to being the embodiment of those dreams.

The time table is on us. The tools are now in our hands. All needed resources are at the ready for our use. No one else will write the books, build the new cities, protect the planet, spread the ideas or write our history for us. Our world and story is in our hands, but only for a passing moment.

What will you do with this moment that you are given to lead? What will you do with this brief time in history where you became the chosen one? What will you do with your power? Will you fall asleep like the others? Or will you remain awake and realize that you were made ready to be the one to change it all?

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