By Millana Snow

August Energy Reading

With Leo szn officially here, the call to step into greater divine leadership has expanded to new meaning and expression. To divinely lead is to be self-led, self-validating and self-nurturing.

It’s not that we can’t have the support, leadership and mentorship of others, it’s that it begins from being led from the deep and true Soul Self first rather than seeking approval, validation and needs from others. We must understand who is right to align with for collaboration, growth and connection. This is integral in this time when we are all called to show up fully in our purpose and mission, which can only be known from being in an intimate relationship with the Self within.

To be self-validating and self-led is to affirm the reality that the Soul Self holds for you and your life, rather than looking to parents, friends and authority figures to affirm that reality for you. Rather than asking your parents if you’ll be able to buy that home, land that career or dream, you are being asked to make that relationship with your inner guidance the most refined and sound because this is the new brand of leadership.

In this kind of intimate and loyal inner connection with the Self, we are reminded of the power of BEING. Of allowing and attracting from our knowing and self-affirming reliance in the reality that, at first, only we can see from within.

We don’t chase, we attract. We don’t attain or “get”; instead, we steward, cultivate and nurture. We listen, we align and we know that when it’s right, we receive.

We passionately seek the viewpoint, the feeling and the understanding of our true self, knowing that it leads us to a more inspired and passionate life. We then see the value of being so devoted to the electric and life-giving connection with the source of guidance and love within that we seek this connection before all others.

We can blindly trust our inner guidance because it is US. It is the greatest, kindest, fully awakened you. It is the most true you. The you that not only knows all, but sees all. It is the you that translates wisdom, peace and healing to and through the personality and the body that you call you. And this Self is the oneness that we all are. It’s clear now how we could all work in concert with each other in this connected state of the Self, the place and the state where our truest existence all gathers and resides.

In this Leo szn where the lion’s gate has opened, we are all invited to pass through with this kind of divine leadership. To be led from within at mass — can you imagine the harmony that would ensue for the whole of humanity?

The longer we put off listening to the nudges, direction and inner knowing of the true self, the more we will have the opportunity to learn. The degree to which we have resisted our inner guidance is the degree to which we will be led to release and let go of the illusions and attachments that are pulling us towards stagnation and illness. But when we come back to our inner wisdom, as we come back into our purposeful path, we are given more of what serves our highest expression of life in place of what no longer serves us. And this is the process known as healing.

In this Leo energy, it is clear that we are called to go where we are loved, where we are supported, where we are seen and understood… You will know because it feels good. And, when in doubt, lean into what excites you, lean into what feels most inviting and exciting.

As the new Kings and Queens of the enlightened age emerging, we must treat ourselves and each other like royalty. In order to maintain that high level of consciousness, kindness and alignment, we are called and guided to go where we feel aligned and most inspired. This is self-sovereignty.

This asks us to be inventive, curious and expansive in our ideas and our expectations of what is possible and what we deserve… because this isn’t about being worthy, it’s about being aligned so you can live the life you came here for. This life experience is meant to be loving, prosperous and thriving.

It requires that we open our hearts and minds to the self that is generous and does not seek to struggle or suffer. In fact, it is the resistance to what is truly aligned for us that causes our suffering. It is the resistance to releasing what is not right for us that our suffering arises from. This is our indicator, our helpful information… The faster we listen, the more we can be grateful for it.

The ability to heed the message of suffering, aka misalignment, is directly related to the practice of looking within for the guidance, validation and resources for our life of goodness, joy, freedom and bliss.

There has been so much that we have done, so many places that we have gone and so many ways that we have tried to be that were misaligned, not right for our mission or are true well-being. It’s not about earning, being lazy, elitist or unkind. It’s about listening and following your inner guidance so that you can get back on track, back in the most supportive environments and fully flowing with your wellbeing with those who you are the best match so that, together, we can synergize in ways that few have ever seen.