By Millana Snow

September Energy Reading

With Virgo szn making her influence known, we are supported in remembering the healer working within us. Anything that is not working for us is made for our use by the alchemical process of healing from within. Virgo reminds us that we already have everything we need, if only we permit the full expression of it.

You are what you’re waiting for, just open up your eyes and see. What are you waiting for? Take action on what you really want. 

Renew your commitment to leading yourself to the freedom, wealth and wholeness that is yours. It is your birthright as much as it is your natural state of being. Harvest what you have cultivated and grown for your own benefit and enjoyment.

Recommit to making necessary changes based on what is best for you. Allow yourself to listen to the inner knowings and take heed without hesitation or stalling.

When something is out of alignment, rather than avoid it or even try to fix it… feel into it. Turn to it as the ally that it is. The struggle, the lack, the pain is an indicator of being misaligned, not of being unworthy.

When we become aware, struggle is helpful information, reminding us to come back to the present, to plug into source within to remember the truth of who we are, what is truly aligned for us, and where and how to move accordingly.

Allow yourself to slow down, relax and acclimate to the life you’re creating. It’s safe to rest and receive, this is what alignment can look like and this is the new brand of hustle… You get what you’ve been seeking by BEing more (aligned).

Alignment comes from listening to your inner guidance even when it doesn’t make sense to your logical mind. Our inner guidance knows all things, all circumstances, and possibilities. When we are given guidance to go in a new direction in which we are unfamiliar, one that seems inconvenient and nonsensical, it is much more beneficial to follow the next most inspired action rather than waiting for things to make sense. Because the sooner that we line up and take action from that new guidance, the faster things in our life and within ourselves will align.

This month, reflect, rest, create space and let God to bless you like a good momma would. Let yourself relax and unwind to allow more flow. The flow you allow with real authentic rest and relaxation is that of health, prosperity, joy and creativity.

Choose rest and reflection over work, trying and doing. Say no to what you don’t want to do or be so that you can have and be what and who brings you the most joy, energy and vitality.

We are transitioning from one season to another. Like the leaves that are starting to fall away from the tree, it’s time again to let go of what is no longer working to make space for what really wants to work for your highest good… this is Grace and it blesses all it touches.