By Millana Snow

October Energy Reading

This month is determined by how well you’ve listened to and applied your inner guidance’s directions and suggestions over the past few weeks and months.

You will soon see at the turn of the season, if you were in alignment with your inner knowing no matter what the outside circumstances dictated.

With the new season unfolding, you’ll be faced with the areas of your life where you shunned that inner nudge for change, and regressed into fearful narratives and programs of the past self. If things are not working, you must make the changes required for you to grow; lest your hand be forced to create the change you did not prepare for.

For those who have listened and acted on the changes required for massive growth and transformation: who committed to their new life path, who left their jobs (or formed an action plan to do so), who lovingly released who and what was needed to let go of… this Libra into Scorpio szn will be bright albeit scary at times.

Big transformative change is the underlying current and theme this month… the kind that comes from critical and incremental adjustments repeated over time. Like the bamboo tree or the caterpillar’s chrysalis, much of the change that has already begun will go unseen until just before a new self rapidly emerges.

With nature’s rhythm guiding us towards a more inward and private orientation, our change and transformation is better served behind closed doors and away from public view. To be shielded from meddling or mixed reviews, keep your visions, strategies, and plans private and closely held; shared with only your most trusted and equally visionary companions.

Faith & intimate communication with our most wise and loving guides (both physical & non physical) is critical at this time. A time where our personal & professional lives are in the most pivotal junctures of merging with our highest good & purpose.

It is here where we cannot fully comprehend our impact on our own lives and lineage; let alone the impact that a life of alignment has on the collective good. This is where grace and providence reigns.

The outcome of consistently listening to and following our highest wisdom and guidance is grace; an unseen force that heals and breaks down years of challenge, denial, hurt, disconnection and lack within seconds, hours, days or weeks.

Proactively listening and applying the advice of your wise counsel will save you years of work, energy and loss. In its place, ushering in ease, flow, and synchronicity within hours or days. This is the season for you to enjoy the fruits of your practice, preemptive maneuvers, emergent strategies and magical alignment.

Journal Prompts:

What messages and signs around change and transformation have you been most afraid to lean into and act from?

If you could do, have or be anything right now, what would that be and how can you begin to act on that throughout this month?

What inner guidance, messages and wisdom have you listened to and acted upon lately? How is that working out and feeling?