By Millana Snow

November Energy Reading

Major Themes: Passion, Self-confidence, Loyalty (but to whom?)

Motto: Access to my energy is a privilege

Total Eclipse of the Moon: Nov 8th, 3:01 am EST

Full Moon: Nov 8th, 6:02 am EST

New Moon: Nov 23, 5:57 pm EST

Your energy, ideas, love, and life force is valuable beyond measure. Act like it by honoring it in all ways. Glorify yourself by recognizing that you want to be here, and as long as you live in this form, you will be this vessel’s most loyal and vital ally.

This month is here to remind you that this life is a privilege. This requires that you hold this standard for yourself first. Do you honor yourself and care for yourself so fervently that others have no choice but to align with this standard? Do you respect your own needs, dreams, and knowing? How loyal and trustworthy are you to yourself?

The sign of Scorpio reminds us to be passionate, brave, and loyal- in its highest form; it is to ourselves first. The shadow side of these themes is confused, expecting others to give that energy to you when you have not upheld it for yourself or with them. Anyone who comes in contact with you must act according to how you show them.

Honor yourself, no matter what is going on, by being fully present with what is in the moment and taking great care of yourself to the best of your ability. Rise to every occasion and be with yourself like any loyal partner would. 

This month’s rebirth into your most potent and best life is possible. Arise from the desert of the barely living and into the verdant lands of finally living joyfully for yourself; the people and things aligned with this new life will meet you there.

Journal prompts:

Where in my life do I honor, celebrate and respect myself? List 10 in each.

Where in my life (or with whom) do I dishonor, harm, and disrespect myself? (list as many as you can)

Where in my life and daily routines can I show up for myself in the ways that I view others aren’t? 

What might their treatment of me tell me about how I treat myself?