Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the vivid vision of your dream relationships, work, and life. Imagine the perfect manifestation of everything you’ve always yearned for. The mere fact that you can envision this life is proof that a version of you is already witnessing this reality in real time. More than a distant future self, they are the present-moment you inviting you to step into a new life that’s ready to be embodied. Rather than striving to force that life into existence, integrate the essence of that version of yourself and watch as the world begins to mirror it back to you. Your dreams come true through you, as you.

Release the need to chase after external objects, circumstances, or outcomes. Instead, shift your focus to embodying the state of being of the “you” already living your desired life. Recognize that everything you need to live your dreams already resides within you. The key to transforming your life is embodying what you envision before it becomes your externalized experience. This means living as the person who has the dream relationships, health, and resources and maintaining that standard regardless of external circumstances. Become the embodiment of that standard not through frantic doing, but through your character and countenance.

Experience it internally to experience it externally.

This is very practical; think about when you wanted a new job and started to feel that it was for you. You could envision yourself at the new office in your new work clothes. Perhaps you even told your friends that you worked there before the offer came in, and lo and behold, the offer came in. Days later, you found yourself in the office you imagined in the clothes you saw yourself in. Instead of waiting for the feeling or luck to hit you, become that version internally. Practice becoming that version of yourself by integrating that version of yourself within. You do this by journaling with that aspect of you to get clear what this life is like. Spend time in altered states to meet them and accept them as yourself. Employ the power of faith to trust that what you see and feel within will begin to show itself externally as a product of your internal shift. Understand that all you have ever wanted is the feeling, the one thing you can give yourself. Orient your whole life around the standards of the new self that you are becoming by giving yourself the experience of it right now. This is about the inner experience; the outer world is simply a product of what you hold within yourself.

Journal prompts:

  1. How do I feel when I’m in my ideal romantic partnership?
  2. What sensations arise within me when I’m in my dream work relationships?
  3. Let your “future self” paint a vivid picture¬†for you: My work, money, and home environment look and feel like…

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Key points for breaking through this month:

  1. You have crystal clarity around the specific vision of the life you desire to create.
  2. You acknowledge that this reality already exists in another dimension or aspect of yourself.
  3. You let go of the belief that you must relentlessly “do” things to achieve that vision.
  4. Instead of striving to “make it happen,” you fully inhabit and experience that dream state in the here and now.
  5. You perceive and interact with the world through the elevated lens of your inner vision, rather than being limited by external circumstances.
  6. Value your inner state above all else.
  7. Transform yourself from within and become the person who has the life you desire.

Affirmation: I release the pursuit of external things and embody the version of me who already has it all.

Practice this month: Live Your Dream Life Breathwork Session

Principles of healing: Faith and Integration

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This month will be another big harvest month, truly a time when you shall reap what you sow, dear one. For some, this is a scary revelation as they are shown what they have been planting and cultivating unconsciously. For others, the work has been so consistent and so top of mind that this season of sowing is once again of great wealth, health and abundance in all ways that fortify.

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