The Monthly Integration

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Raise your vibration each month to expand consciousness, heal, relieve stress, gain clarity, and so much more all while connecting with community.

On the first Saturday of the month at 12 PM PST, I facilitate a LIVE group breathwork and energy healing session via Zoom (recorded, if you can’t make it) for my TMI community. This work is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…

The Experience


Simply a style of altering your breathing pattern, breathwork is simpler than people often assume – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There are hundreds of styles of breathwork, each with different goals in mind, and you may have heard of some like Wim Hoff, box breath or pranayama. The style of breathwork that I teach and practice with my clients is called Holotropic breathwork, a three-part breath done all through the mouth with the goal of using the breath to go into altered states of consciousness.

Integrative Energy Healing

A style of energetic work that I’ve developed and taught over the years. With a focus on the chakra system, this practice clears and opens blocked or stuck energies that can make us feel heavy and disconnected from Source. This practice is built on the premise that all healing is available in the HERE and NOW, reconnecting you with the healer within you. The style of energy healing that most people are familiar with is Reiki, a hands-on healing technique rooted in Japanese lineage. Like Reiki, Integrative Energy Healing relies on the universal energy currents running through all of us, but I also like to bring intuition and connection with the spirit realm into this work.

Both breathwork and energy healing can trigger emotional and physical responses in the body – we find it’s often what we’ve suppressed, disallowed, and have been holding back from ourselves in our unconscious minds, but, energetically, is asking for release. It’s not uncommon during a session to laugh uncontrollably, cry, feel hot or cold, shake, moan with pleasure, feel numb or tingly, get angry or feel like you’re floating. It’s also not uncommon to simply feel a deep sense of peace and quiet relaxation. Either way, we find that it does require that we have the courage to focus on the breath long enough to allow ourselves to become deeply present to what is occurring within us.

The most important thing about the experience is that you allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you need to feel during the session, whether on a physical, spiritual or emotional level. I’ve truly seen it all and there’s no “right” way to engage with this work beyond showing up with an open mind and heart.

And yes… all of this works in our virtual world! Energy doesn’t subscribe to the limits of space and time.


The Monthly Integrative Healing sessions with Millana are incredible. From the recitation of the monthly reading all the way through the healing session itself, I can feel energy vibrating in my body. I am always amazed that Millana can hold space for 20-30 people or more at the same time. What I like most about TMI is that Millana gives us all individual attention so it doesn’t even seem like a group healing session. Plus, she will write notes for us all if we need to pay attention to certain Chakra points. Thanks Millana for providing these monthly healing sessions that are budget friendly as well as creating a wonderful Healing Community. 

The Monthly Integration Membership is transformational in so many ways – it opens up a whole new world of inner connection for me. I’m still in awe at how powerful energy healing and breath work with Millana is. She held space for me to let go and truly surrender. I felt decades of bottled-up feelings, emotions and stress release from my body.

  • Angela Fleming

Like many others I dove deep into my spiritual practice in 2020. I worked my through many groups, and no matter where I went Millana Snow and Wellness Official kept popping up. Finally I signed up for a free breathwork session, and I was hooked, I joined TMI that day. What drew me to Millana is her approach in making these healing modalities accessible to all. Growing up poor on the east side of LA I really could have used these tools a long time ago, and the fact that she is making them accessible to a truly diverse group of people makes me so happy and allows me to feel like I belong. I was skeptical at first, but my first zoom was all it took for my guard to fall down and the healing began. I’m so grateful for the community and genuine connections I’ve made with such a diverse group of beautiful souls. I like TMI/TDP because you have so many resources for a daily practice without guilt or pressure if you miss a day. The monthly session you get as part of TMI is so valuable, I won’t miss it for anything. We release so much and make space to grow in new ways. And there’s always more to do if you want, that’s available but I don’t feel like I’m a customer to constantly be sold to. The healing supersedes the sale, and that’s what sets Millana apart from others in this space. It’s a great way to set intentions for a new month and get real with yourself as you just let all the noise fall away.

  • Tanya Carillo


  • past healings from October 2018 – present (the energy transcends time and space).
    • we recommend re-watching the videos again and again for additional healing
  • private group on to connect with fellow TMI members.
  • includes unlimited access to The Daily Practice.

You can cancel your membership anytime.

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Millana is so powerful and it’s truly amazing to experience her energy healing gifts, but she’s also such a gracious, kind and thoughtful teacher. You couldn’t ask for a better guide on the path to peeling back the layers of your soul and getting in touch with the divine.

Graciela Rasor, Integration Member

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